4 tahun ~

Nov , 11 , 2006 .
4 tahun dulu ..
jam 11 .15 pagi ..

i was ansewring paper Sivik for final exam ..
i was 13 years old ~
everyday after school , daddy and i went to Kedah Medical Centre .

about around 1 to 2 weeks ..
tengah jawab paper Sivik ..
2 prefect came to my class and called my name ..
time tu i was wondering why ..
my History teacher said ' tabah ye ~ '
i was what but i'm not asking her ..
so walk to pejabat i saw my daddy ..
a few second later my abang also there ..

my heart beat like dup dap dup dap gle nervous ..
daddy said mama tenat .. that time daddy sound like mcm ta sampai hti nak tell us ..
i felt like nak crying dah ..
i went back to my class to back my bag same with my brother ..

in the car ..
if i not mistaken kat higway Alor Setar, daddy ask me and my brother to baca al-fatihah..
then daddy said actually mama dah meninggal tadi ..
my brother nangis kuat sgt ..
but i can control myself and i was still cant believe it ..
i wanna see with my eyes ..

arrived at the hospital ..
nak lift to level 5 ..
get in the ward ..
the pihak hospital dah siap kapan ..
em time tu i cant control myself ..
i ran out ..
YA ALLAH .. only ALLAH know what i'm feel time tu ..
it very hard for me ..

Today dah 4 tahun Mama not with us ..
rindu tu tayah cter mmg sangat2 pun ..
if time can UNDO , i nak the time that i can spent all my time with my Mama ..

YA ALLAH , cucurilah rahmat ke atas Rosemina Saad ..
Tempatkan mama dengan orang2 yg beriman ..
Ampunkanlah segala dosa2 yg telah mama lakukan ..
Jauhi mama dari seksa kubur dan api neraka ..
Amiin ..
Al - Fatihah ~

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l e l a said...

Tabah ye syifaaa, I feel sorry to hear that too ;(