em memang syifa gle confuse rite now ..
He's BACK and bring problem and trouble in my life again ..
HATE him very much !
i hope he knows ..
if i on his foot i will know how much much much i HATE him ...
if i still love him , i will give him a 2nd chance ..
i hate big big big liar !
u the one so i HATE u ..
do u understand babeh ??
how many times should i mention it again again again to you ??
so please go away ..

* my friend said : slow talk/ discusss with him elok2 ..

em for me no need talk with people big big big liar like him ... *disgusting*

p/s : guys ...
what should i do ?
can i just ignore him begitu aje ??
help me find the best way ...

&%$#* dasar lelaki (him je) ta gune !!

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