Ajumma wannabe

good evening dude and babe  ..
today i ade peluang mengOnline so i guna peluang ney sebaek2 mungkin..HAHA
# I'm also the 1 of addicted with Korean/Korea .. i bukan ta support local tau .. just my heart n my soul melonjakk ke arah sana ..HAHA ...btw i am proud to be Malaysian .. Malaysia was a peaceful , wonderful and beautiful country ..We live here happily without bloodshed .. Malaysia is a sovereign nation. We live with different races, religions and races. Even so we also embed a mutual understanding and compromise. other than that, we always respect regardless of age or different religions.
okay look ! some of u dah sleepy bila baca kan ? HAHA .. that was our histosy , hey come on la ..
mesti you all wonder pehal sangkut dengan korean bagai tu kan ?? entri ney pasal Ajumma .. who's that ?
btw macam ney ..
makcik in Malaysia , auntie in English , ququ in Chinese , tita in French kot .. if i not mistakes .. AND ajumma in Korea ..  and so on ..HEHE
so moral of all adalah i nak story pasal i dpt seorang ank buah baru2 ney .. actually story ney dah 2 minggu lebih .. tapi terlupa nak updates ..hehe
itz a baby Girl with named Aufa Naurah .. nice rite ?
she will call me ajumma  =)

 there the picture of herr  =)  .. omg so adorable ! macam nak cubitt ja ..HAHA .. mata sepet .. she was born 1 day before CNY .. amoii la ...
 (up) that my makngah and my sista in law ..
( down ) pictures2 mereka yang always menceriakan dan menghiburkan hati i=)

 yang paling paling menceriakan adalah si dia jantung hati i !!
OMG !! he's comey + handsome rite ? in love in love ...HAHAHA
nakal .. but always menghiburkan .. penawar duka lara...HAHA ...opsss cover sudaa~

that me ! HAHA .. muka macam losserr jeh ... Belonn !! nak aja aku cucokk2 bagi pecah ..HAHA

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