Wattaheartattack !

yesterday, I received a phone call from my bestfriend while I was eating. * err tengah makan burger RAJA *

....the phone was ringing ...
Me : Hello * softly *
She: Hey Yeyn , itz true yang SPM's result out on this Febuary 28 ?
Me: HAHAHA * actually i'm so suprise*
She: YEYN !! u bole laughing lak eh ..
Me: heee .. *garu2 kepala* i'm not sure about la babe .. who the hell telling u this ?  =D
She: sum of my fren la said sbb stpm's result out on tomorrow ..
Me: yeah i know that but ta semestinya spm will out next week .. *tibe2* eh budak PLKN siri satu kan belum balek , how can result out on 28 nnt ..
She: haa betul jugak .. tapi why not if nak out jugak on 28 kan ?
Me: namo.. namo .. okay2 i will find out , then i tell u ..
She: okay babe .. byee~

Lucky, I do not choke on a burger that .. HAHA
hope it will out on 14mac .. at least if the result is going out, outtt la after my brother's wedding.
kalau before .. ayooo wa bole femess dri bride and groom .HAHA

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