Dear Diaries

 Dear Diaries ♥ ,
today is Febuary 20 , and now is 10.38am ..
I woke up today as usual. I'm feeling satisfied but not like yesterday. These days I feel as if satisfied as to say something, but I still can not find a clue. I suddenly remember that you are getting away from me. maybe it was my conscience. I can not deny that for too long you do not contact me. but I still understand your situation and I often do this as my mistake .. it's not fair to me instead? I could do it all for love. I do not pretend anymore, but the reality is such that I only one who sacrificed a lot and sometimes like I'm just by myself. You pretended I was not aware or you do not want me to show myself? I can not deceive ourselves or pretend to hate. I really love you! I do not want to force or ask you to reply back my love, I sincerely love you all my heart, I just want you to know that's how I felt for more than 2 years. but I always pray that our relationship is sustainable and to your happiness in any situation. I would think most people are happy if you send a message to me before I do. Sometimes my heart is strong to say that you have other people more special than me. but I do not pretend to understand as their own conscience. But in the silence I hope you will recognize the truth before long before my heart in pain and not cured yet

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