Tengah "SEJUK" !

it cames from my HEART =)

At the maximum level of patience. This past so I will not ever care about your presence in front of me. You also do not have to con yourself you to pretend to love me. and I probably will not hurt anymore because of you. you who want these circumstances, not I want. You can not accept the presence of me. I'm not what you want. what you said at the time of first introduction was all a lie. You said you loved him but you also are not honest with him. I do not have the right to hate you. otherwise I'm just ordinary people who put everything head ALLAH swt. it does not mean let you win the dirty way. You must remember, every person who commits the offense will never escape from ALLAH swt reward

However, the last of what you did to me. I was like, do not want to stare at your face again. it does not mean I hate you. Poor heart I only I would often get sick with humanity you do not act ..

I will continue to be patient because, Everything happens for a reason, though the reason is not always as clear as we Would like it to be.


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