They are ... that i ♥

slightly by about THEM

they were my good friend !
they are awesome !
they are always cheerful !
they are also great !
they also cure my grief !

in short
they are EVERTHING to me

FAA = that my nickname ! ( The nickname was given by MYAA )
MYAA = that her name la .. Siti Aisyah Ameerah *"bajet comel" kata mulut2 jahat*
NIS = that my little Anis Maisarah yang nomey nomey tu ..

We kind of close sisters rite ?
We also LOVE each other
We three LOVE berPOYO depan
somtimes we feel BAHAGIA and sometime we thinks that we are HOT macam.....
Paris Hilton ..hehe and and WE are to0 COMEL ..
* p/s : jangan jealous dengan kami *

okay fine ! that me !! gamba bawah ney memang gedik .. jangan kutuk eh ..


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