dun to0 PERFECT =.="

I'm not perfect. I also like the ordinary people who often make mistakes. no person in this world regardless daripadaa make mistakes. mistakes that we do so that makes us better and more mature. because we are aware of the offense. realize that even if we watch out for. nor do we pretend not to know such stupid but arrogant.
it is right to make ourselves as deliberately fool yourself. Will it look odd? people around to laugh at you or marginalize you.

other than that, not because of an error that we continue to hate someone. people should be given a second chance. But for those who receive a valuable opportunity that should not be treated too wasted or take a chance.

REMEMBER our actions whether good or bad would be rewarded with the BEST. SO be careful you are.

This world is full of theatrics.

** What I say is about the real world. things always happen and always faced on anyone. even if a person is old, young, beautiful, ugly, healthy, sick or whatever!

credit to syifasyazana

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