i got a JOB ..


i got a job .. so after this tada la i'm always play around kan.. hehe .. there not a big job or i'm doing part time job .. my Abah wont allow because i just a budak kechik..hehe .. actually i'm just like i'm helping someone who will get marriend ..
she ask me to do a guestbook ..oh man ! i never made it before .. em how meh .. she said that i so
creative that why she ask me to do so .. em never know pun that i was creative in any work .. someboby HELP ~!!

em ok ok .. the theme for the guestbook was wedding la of coz..colour ? she wanted combine in silver , pink and purple .. ok ok that's not a problem because all of them my fav.colour

begin now i have to more serius and study hard .haha ..
saja sengal
i'm not expert dalam hal2 ney so kena byk buat research and tengok more tutorial ..emmm ..

hehe .. semangat tuk diri sendiri ..bole kan ?


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