Wonder Women

kan best dapat cekik oreo time time gini .. adhoii lapaanyaa .. perut asyik berbunyi mintak penampau ..
ye sehari suntuk ta makan nasi .. nasi wajib makan because we are Malaysian  ^___^ ..
adehh oreo terliur gila T____T

btw pepagi ni bukan yeyn nak bebel pasal oreo .. just nak bebel pasal entri post yeyn yang makin lama makin geli geleman korang nak bacakan ?Hahahaa.. dah la i'm tired BUT i'm still WAITING . okay deardarling ~

okay i will stop doing something that bring me nothing  ^___^

i got an email from dearest sista ...

akak kagum dengan yeyn , sebab yeyn tabah hadapi kehilangan arwah mama yeyn .. kalau akak belum tentu sekuat yeyn.. so in this case you also have to fight it .. dont make it you down ... you have to be strong and much stronger ... everything happen for the reasons .. move on never look back for the pain .. always smile when it hurt .. laugh loudly when it truly hurt.. most important remember ALLAH ..ALLAH always with us ..
dont stop praying , hoping , dreaming .. insyaALLAH your dreams will come true .. everyone have their own happiness but different way .. happiness is waiting for you sweetie ..

i will do it sista, thanks for that 

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